“One of the fundamental factors that led me towards fashion was passion, an almost physical need for a direct relationship with the materials I use to create.”


Gianfranco Ferré.

The iconic Italian fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré was known as the “architect of fashion.” Over his 25-year career, the style that he developed and that still today hallmarks the brand can be described as a combination of discipline and luxury, severity and ornamentation.


In the 1980s, his preference for metropolitan colors, along with his innovative production techniques, earned him another nickname, the “Frank Lloyd Wright of fashion.”


Ferré won a number of prestigious awards, including the L’Occhio d’ Oro six times during his career. Gianfranco Ferré SpA grew continuously, with dozens of collections presented every year, and over 400 stores worldwide.





Certain brands have an inspiring quality which allows them to re-invent their identity through time.


Ferré is re-establishing its name in the fashion world. Inspired by the values of the brand. Always alert to the trends and practicalities, Young4U has the know-how, experience, organization and readiness to set and execute the strategy and the plans for a successful return and a long term growth.


Young4U collaborates with renowned Italian designers in order to successfully embody the spirit and honor the legacy of Ferré in our eyewear collection.



Brand Concept


• Gianfranco Ferré is considered a minimalist and a modernist.


• Upon closer inspection, one can see that many things are going on, seemingly invisible at first glance, yet captivating and adding beauty to his work.


• The details and the complexity of his designs add to the mystique of his work.


• It is not about “less is more”; “more and seemingly less” sums up Gianfranco Ferré’s creations.



2016  Eyewear Collection Categories


The GF Ferré eyewear blends modern styling with class. The Eyewear Collection exemplifies the perfect balance between innovation, design and functionality and offers a large assortment of frames and sunglasses. The new GF Ferré eyewear collection mixes the lively, fashionable appeal of the brand GF with the stylish features of one of the most prestigious brand in the luxury scenario.


FERRE ICONS, directly inspired from the iconic stylistic details of Ferré first collection, these models either keep the original design or completely transform it in a new and modern look. Round shapes, brow bars, the famous “solitaire” detail magically evoke the atmosphere of the beginning, revealing its surprising and modern appeal.”



LUXURY ESSENTIAL celebrates the union between luxury and design, introducing more precious details which suggest, in men’s style, a sense of classic elegance, and evoke, in women’s models, a sophisticated glamorous flair.



Style is fundamental for a fashion brand, and the STYLE DETAILS area honors the functional elegance of the Maestro. In these models a geometric approach to design prevails over embellishment and architectural details and graphic elements pay homage to Ferré‘ s studies as an architect.



In the MODERN RETRO category retro influences coexist with a modern aesthetic. Past trend are a continuous source of inspiration. Working with memories and tradition, design rediscovers a new simplicity in shapes which have a retro taste yet a contemporary appeal.



Its more juvenile segment, PRÊT-À-FERRÉ, summarizes the contemporary and versatile spirit of the urban generation. Trendy and fresh shapes and details suggest an easy-going attitude where color plays an important role.